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You pride yourself on your precision.

You pride yourself on your precision.

Expect the same of your translations.

You have your suit tailor-made.

You have your suit tailor-made.

Let us tailor your corporate communications.

Nuances are important to you.

Nuances are important to you.

So are the subtleties in your texts.

You strive to be in tune with your clients.

You strive to be in tune with your clients.

Strike the right tone with your texts.

You rely on specialist expertise.

You rely on specialist expertise.

So do we.

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We read between the lines,
to make sure your text comes across
exactly as you intended.

We translate your message, not just your words.







We are a boutique translation agency that prides itself on providing translations of the highest quality.
We are part of ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS, the leading provider of media intelligence solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Translations with a professional
yet personal touch.

Every text has its own personality, but this is often lost in standardised translations. We refer to ourselves as a boutique translation agency because we specialise in carefully capturing every single layer of a text and meticulously transferring each of these into our tailored translations,
whichever language they may be in. Of course, we use state-of-the-art translation technology to assist in this process. However, the final product is completed by hand, or rather by brainpower!

A single translation agency
with multiple specialisms.

An international team of highly qualified linguists is on hand to help you throughout the entire process. They are responsible for coordinating all of your projects and selecting the best translator for each individual text from our global network of over 200 freelancers. What’s more, both our in-house team and our freelancers work exclusively into their native language.
Our team also reviews the final texts to make sure that your original message still shines through.

Specialised translation
Specialised texts are translated into the target language and proofread by a second linguist (four-eyes principle).

Marketing texts have their message tailored to the target culture to appeal to the target audience.

Texts are proofread for accuracy and edited for style in the source language and target languages.

Proofreading of a final print version
The texts undergo a final check in their intended layout before they are sent to print.

Subtitles with timecodes are created and translated into your desired target language.

Foreign-language voice-overs
The audio content of your videos is translated into your desired target language and a voice-over is provided by a native speaker.

Editing of machine translations
Light post-editing – spelling and grammar mistakes are corrected as well as any mistranslations
Full post-editing – the text is completely reworked, including the terminology, formatting and style used

Management summaries
Summaries of texts and media reports written in the chosen target language.

Terminology services
Company-specific terminology and linguistic requirements are defined.

A written reproduction or summary of audio or video files.

Consulting services for multilingual business activities and language data management
Expert support with creating professional work flows for your language needs.

Advertising and marketing texts composed directly in your chosen language

From a briefing
to the finished product.

ARGUS Sprachmanufaktur takes care of the whole project from start to finish,
from planning and coordinating the necessary resources to checking the quality of the finished product.

Handling your data securely and confidentially is our priority.

It goes without saying that we comply with the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection and guarantee absolute confidentiality. Upon request, we will gladly transfer your files using encryption or via a secure server.

A quality service, with a certificate to prove it.

We are proud that ARGUS Sprachmanufaktur is certified to the ISO 17100 standard. Internationally recognised, this sets high requirements in terms of translation management, compliance with language specifications, the expertise of the linguists involved, and information security.
You can view our certificate here.

We translate your message,
not just your words.

We convey the meaning behind your texts and are familiar with the cultural and linguistic particularities of your target audience.

We use as much technology as necessary and as much brain power
as possible.

Consistency and efficiency are essential, which is why we use the latest translation technology. However, this is only for assistance – our brains do the real work.

We find the right tone
to speak to your audience's hearts
as well as their heads.

Qualified, experienced linguists with industry knowledge instinctively read between the lines and really bring the intended message across in your translations.

Personality is important –
texts are full of life too.

Your personal project manager is always there to help you and oversees your project with great care and attention.

Our efficiency is only surpassed
by our precision.

We excel at managing our time well, handling projects efficiently and meeting deadlines without letting the thoroughness or precision of our work suffer. You can rely on us.


Here to help you every step of the way.

Milena Rein
Head of ARGUS Sprachmanufaktur
Jasmin La Micela
Project Management
Nicolas Ponchon
Translation and Project Management
Sandra Höller
Project Management
Zoe Edis
Translation and Project Management

Here to help you every step of the way.

Milena Rein
Head of ARGUS Sprachmanufaktur
Jasmin La Micela
Project Management
Sandra Höller
Project Management
Nicolas Ponchon
Translation and Project Management
Zoe Edis
Project Management

Our specialist fields

  • Corporate communication and marketing
  • Media, journalism, and reports
  • Luxury goods (e.g. watches, jewellery, cars)
  • Medical and pharmaceutical
  • Public organisations, educational institutions and industry associations
  • Food retail
  • Banking and insurance
  • Industry and engineering
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When it comes to feedback,
we are all ears!

Argus Icon FAQ

You have questions?
We have answers – lots of them!

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It is worth submitting texts in batches, as this saves time and therefore money. In addition, our CAT tool can identify cross-text repetitions, enabling us to ensure consistency throughout. This can also offer financial advantages as we give our clients a translation memory discount for repetitions.

An A4 page can be translated in one working day, including the four-eyes principle. The four-eyes principle means that all of our translations are proofread by an additional translator to ensure your translation is perfectly polished and impeccable.

If you already have a login for our Plunet client portal, you can submit your projects there. Otherwise, you can send us your projects via our contact form or by email to, including all relevant information such as the target language(s), deadline, specific terminology requirements, etc. If you have any reference texts or style guides, please also send those. You can also contact us by phone on +41 44 388 82 60 to discuss projects. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 7.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Ideally in an editable format such as Word, InDesign, HTML or PowerPoint. Our CAT tool, SDL Trados Studio, can also handle other file formats too – feel free to ask us! If you only have the text available in a non-editable format, we would be happy to provide you with a copy in Word. The time taken to produce this copy will be billed.

We would be happy to combine several of our services in a single project. Here is a good example: you would like to get a German brochure proofread. However, you also need it in French and English. No problem! You can request a proofreading of the source text, a translation into French and English, and a proofreading of the final print version all in one project.

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Already a client and have a login for our client portal?

You can send us your request directly via Plunet ( We are also always available to provide individual support or create a tailored quote. You can contact us on +41 44 388 82 60 or at

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