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It is worth submitting texts in batches, as this saves time and therefore money. In addition, our CAT tool can identify cross-text repetitions, enabling us to ensure consistency throughout. This can also offer financial advantages as we give our clients a translation memory discount for repetitions.

An A4 page can be translated in one working day, including the four-eyes principle. The four-eyes principle means that all of our translations are proofread by an additional translator to ensure your translation is perfectly polished and impeccable.

If you already have a login for our Plunet client portal, you can submit your projects there. Otherwise, you can send us your projects via our contact form or by email to, including all relevant information such as the target language(s), deadline, specific terminology requirements, etc. If you have any reference texts or style guides, please also send those. You can also contact us by phone on +41 44 388 82 60 to discuss projects. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 7.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Ideally in an editable format such as Word, InDesign, HTML or PowerPoint. Our CAT tool, SDL Trados Studio, can also handle other file formats too – feel free to ask us! If you only have the text available in a non-editable format, we would be happy to provide you with a copy in Word. The time taken to produce this copy will be billed.

We would be happy to combine several of our services in a single project. Here is a good example: you would like to get a German brochure proofread. However, you also need it in French and English. No problem! You can request a proofreading of the source text, a translation into French and English, and a proofreading of the final print version all in one project.

The benefit of being boutique agency is that we are always able to offer a personalised service and respond flexibly to each new challenge. All of our team members are both experienced project managers and talented, highly qualified translators who will consistently work to find the best solution for you.

The translations are produced to ISO 17100 standards by specialised native-speaker translators with the relevant qualifications. Specialised translators are recruited, tested and then added to our supplier database by our vendor manager, Sandra Höller. They are then assigned to projects based on their particular language combinations and subject areas. They receive regular feedback on their work and are assessed by the revisor after each project based on a five-star principle in the categories of specialised terminology, quality of translation, grammar and spelling, punctuality of delivery, and formatting.

In general, we work with the same translators on a regular basis and always try to use the same translators for your projects. As well as ensuring consistency in terms of terminology, this also means there is a consistent style between texts. If you have a particular translation style that you prefer, we will put together the ideal team for you.

We calculate the cost of a translation based on the number of words the original text has. We work on the basis of 250 words per hour for translation. This means that the word price is calculated by dividing the agreed hourly rate by 250. The source text is analysed using our CAT tool, SDL Trados Studio. Repetitions and words or sentences that are already in our database for each individual client receive a translation memory discount. We will send you an order confirmation with a cost breakdown for every project. Do you want a non-binding quote in advance? Just get in touch!

Of course! We occupy a broad position in the translation sector and have a wide range of language combinations. You can get in touch with us at any time with any enquiries:

Transcreation is a very free, creative translation service used for advertising texts such as slogans, headlines, etc. Since tastes famously vary, we would be happy to propose various different versions. Our language professionals will also supply an explanation with each proposal, and upon request, we will also provide a literal back translation in the source language. Our CAT tool, SDL Trados Studio, enables us to deliver multiple versions with comments. Your preferred solution will then be added to your translation memory, to ensure consistency for the next project.

When we begin working together, we will conduct an onboarding meeting with you during which we will ask you to provide us with any style guides, corporate terminology and other relevant reference materials you may have. If you have your preferred corporate terminology available as multilingual MS Excel tables, we can convert these directly into a terminology database in SDL MultiTerm. These specialised terms will then be integrated and automatically offered as a translation suggestion in SDL Trados Studio during the translation process without needing to be looked up each time.

In addition, all the content we translate is subsequently stored in a bilingual, client-specific database known as a translation memory on our SDL GroupShare server. With the help of these two databases, we ensure that your terminology is used correctly.

This is also reviewed as part of a quality check at the end of the project. This increases consistency and ensures that you will continue benefiting from a long-term relationship with us.

We are certified to the ISO 17100 standard. This includes the requirement that all documents received must be treated confidentially. Our translators also sign a confidentiality agreement that strictly prohibits passing documents on to third parties.

DIN EN ISO 17100:2015 is an international quality standard for translation service providers. It sets out the requirements for all aspects of the translation process that directly affect the quality of translations. It includes provisions regarding the handling of core procedures, translators’ qualifications and skills, and technical and technological resources. Specifically, this relates to areas such as quality management and data security, as well as the training and professional experience translators must have. Detailed information is available under Certifications.

We may use state-of-the-art technology for our translations, but every text is still a product made using craftsmanship and brainpower. This is why we chose to incorporate a term that conveys the human expertise and artistry that go into making the top-quality translations we provide as a boutique agency. Each individual text is personally reviewed by our project managers to ensure that it adheres to our quality guidelines and our client’s specifications. A typical translation project is split into four phases: project preparation, translation, revision and finalisation. The first and last phases ensure that the project a) stays on the right track and b) is only delivered once it has undergone thorough checking.

We can offer support with copywriting in various different scenarios. For example, when your internal departments experience a bottleneck. You can simply send us a briefing, along with any corporate branding and terminology guidelines, and we can then provide you with texts that fit your corporate wording perfectly. We can also provide translations of advertising, marketing and communications texts in the native languages of your target audiences.

You can trial our customised management summaries tailored to your needs for one month at half price. You will be able to see for yourself the benefits these offer your PR and marketing departments. In addition, at the end of the trial period, you will be able to take advantage of a product that is already configured specifically for you.

The different models we offer – Standard, Expansive and Comprehensive – correspond to the intended purpose of your project and the amount of detail you require. Whichever option we advise you to take, we will always use your specific requirements to tailor the end product precisely to your individual expectations.

We have a service to meet every need. Whether daily, weekly, monthly or ad hoc, we can provide you with management summaries whenever you need them. Just let us know the frequency you are looking for.